Fatally Flawless
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Fatally Flawless is a gritty urban drama set in Philadelphia in the late 1990’s where drugs, sex, money and materialism were all in abundance. This fast-paced tale centers around the lives of three beautiful seniors and the individual men in their lives in an era where European-made cars and designer clothes not only defined a generation, but also their very social status. Mya, Takia and Raven form a unique friendship, each girl from totally different backgrounds come together and make a united sisterhood, but it gets tested to the core by the allure of the streets and handsome young drug dealers with enough money to make every materialistic fantasy come true, but dreams quickly turn into nightmares as each girl is brought in deeper into the violent, cold hearted world of the Philadelphia streets where pretty young things can quickly get squashed like a grape.

The game they’re playing must be mastered, as it will take every ounce of cunning, street smarts and the will to survive to make it out. The girls find themselves used as pawns in the street game that their blood thirsty, power driven street pharmacist have caught them in; a spider web of fast money, shopping sprees and lust that they find themselves unable to escape. In the end, will true love be saved? Friendships are torn apart by betrayal and greed, and it’s all played out as federal agents watch and close in. Who will be the last girl standing?